Impulsive Inquiry

uncontrolled questioning of the world I perceive.

Opening my head to the public

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While I am used to seeing brains as part of my job at a neuroscience lab this is nothing like that at all.

Hello Blogosphere.

Starting a blog is something that has been an ongoing debate in my head for a couple of years now. I am pretty sure that for most people making a decision about something is pretty much a normal thought process.

Not for me.

For me, a debate in my head is more like a debate team. There is a pro side and a con side. Each takes time to come up with evidence based arguments to present to the overarching judge of my conscious mind. At any given time my judge has dozens of debates on his docket, only a few of which are actually ruled on.

This is the curse of being a scientific minded person raised by two lawyers.

Some debates (such as starting a blog or not) can last for years. And these debates are not limited to BIG ISSUES (like starting a blog or what to do with the rest of my life). sometimes the debate is ‘should I stand up and eat lunch?’ While the pro side and the con side put together their arguments and collect their evidence, hours go by.



over lunch.

Obviously the debate over starting a blog took years! But yesterday, after I spent five hours, let me repeat five. hours. watching 5 year olds have MRIs (really just a normal work day. no joke.), I had decided.

The ultimate persuasive argument? It is so good you won’t even believe it. Keep reading and find out!

So here I am. Writing to the universe.

And for my imaginary readers’ pleasure here is a summarized version of the debate that has been ongoing in my head for almost three years.

Side A: Pro blog, Side B: Con blog (not to be confused with spanish con blog. hehehe.)*

*note: I thought about lying and saying I had named these debaters but I realized that would make me sound even more insane than I already do. I therefore SWEAR they do not have names nor are they independent personalities.

With no further ado: To Blog or Not To Blog: That is the question.

Pro: “I have thoughts! I could blog!”

Con: “Thoughts? right. Like people care what you had for lunch. Don’t be that guy.”

Pro: “NO! Deep thoughts! Experiences! people could relate to my humorous take on being a misanthropic millennial and enjoy my adorable alliteration.”

Con: “You don’t even have a title. You can’t have a blog without a blog title. And it has to be perfect. So there. No title, no blog.”

And there the argument stood until yesterday’s five hours of MRI beeping. I spent that time coming up with two-word alliterations that might describe me even a minimal amount. And thus I came up with Impulsive Inquiry. Because I just can’t help myself when it comes to asking questions. Ever. And the pro side won.

Pro: “Ha. Yes title, yes blog.”

Con: “Damn, well I can’t argue with that logic.” *poof*

And here I am Impulsively Inquiring about the world I perceive (which really is a bit redundant because if I could perceive other people’s worlds I would be rich and famous as a psychic or something).

Two title runners-up:

1) Articulate Agoraphobe

2) Hyperactive Histrionic.

But somehow neither of those painted me in quite the way I wanted…


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