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Being swept into a fantastic future


So as most people in my life know I have spent this past year work towards, then applying to graduate school. Specifically clinical psychology Phd programs.

That was THE PLAN.

And, as many of you know, I have failed miserably. Not that I am not a good candidate, it just wasn’t working out. Recently, as it became more and more obvious that THE PLAN wasn’t happening, I began to look at, and forward to different options. One of which was masters in Social Work programs. Another of which was joining the FBI (really, not kidding, I swear.)

Fast forward to yesterday.

I was home from work, sick and miserable when I went to get the mail. There it was, sitting innocently in the mailbox, cradling the junk mail.


I felt like it was 2006 and I was getting a college acceptance letter.

It was from Smith College School of Social Work. As I opened it I started to panic. As I read the word CONGRATULATIONS! I started to hyperventilate. And when I read the date May 30, 2014, I burst into uncontrollable, panicking, hyperventilating sobs.

Naturally, getting into an amazing program that I really, REALLY want to attend ended in a total mental breakdown. ‘Cause that is how I roll.

Now don’t get me wrong. This is amazing news. I am super excited and all the wonderful things that come along with big opportunities.

But I am also a neurotic control freak, long distance planner, with transition anxiety. Who has 70 days to move across the country.

The next couple of months should be interesting. Shit. just. got. real.


2 thoughts on “Being swept into a fantastic future

  1. Holy shit! Hallelujah! Life keeps sending us lessons to learn over and over again–that we are not as in control as we think we are, but that we still get what we need from the Powers That Be. It’s okay to feel that wiggly out-of-control feeling. It’s the tidal wave of change pushing you toward your dream! Enjoy the ride. xo

  2. When shit gets real just pull out a shovel! 😛

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