Impulsive Inquiry

uncontrolled questioning of the world I perceive.

My house smells like feet

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Confession: I don’t read blogs. I don’t even spend time on Facebook any more (other than to keep my mother updated on my whereabouts). Generally, I prefer to envy other peoples’ lives the old fashioned way, engaging in forced small talk while secretly plotting their humiliating demise, which is (of course) best done in person.

This lack of blog reading (the exception being maple leaf kitchen) allowed me to form lofty goals about what I would say in the blog I would someday have. And so, with images of deep, meaningful contributions to modern thinking dancing in my head, I blogged.

I promised myself that my blog would not be the recordings of my less than thrilling day to day life, but something elevated. Something deeper.

Of course, the reality is, my house smells like feet. I live with four other people, most of whom are actively athletic, and our washing machine has been broken (the new one came today!!!). This is reality. And who am I to try and rise above it?

Hopefully this blog will be entertaining and relatable while also offering up my unique view of the world. But somedays my house will smell like feet and my blog will detail my less than thrilling life. And that will be enough.


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