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Bunny, Bunny, Bun-ny. Bunny!

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This weekend I attended BunnyCon 2014. Over a thousand people dressed as bunnies or other springtime-related things (I was a duck) descended upon downtown and pioneer square for a 15 hour bunny bar crawl. Though it started at 11am, my friends and I didn’t get there until around 5:30pm.

There is something uniquely satisfying about being apart of a completely ridiculous event. Dressing up in outrageous costumes and walking around the city was amazingly fun. Every time we saw other bunnies we would yell “BUNNIES” as loud as we could. There was an instant connection forged between ourselves and any lost bunnies. No one knew where they were supposed to go, so seeing other bunnies was a relief.

While this was happening, so was Sakura con, the anime convention. Of course the bunnies crashed the convention and danced surrounded by people dressed up in awesome cosplay outfits and looking at us like we were nuts.

We danced and hopped until around 2am before making our way home. It was fantastic.

Here is a picture of Rob, Garbo, and myself. Taken sometime during the early part of the crawl.10157171_10103569859894088_478356801306435028_n

I don’t know who the bunny lurking in the background is, but that sums up the whole event!


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