Impulsive Inquiry

uncontrolled questioning of the world I perceive.

Pop this bubble at your own risk

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I have been at smith for 18 days and 11 hours. Approximately. In the time warp that is Smith SSW (school for social work) that is equivalent to around 6 months. possibly more. Each day here feels like a month but the weeks fly by. We live in this world where time is only used to inform us as to where we should be and the date is completely irrelevant excepting due dates of papers.

What is interesting about this time bubble is how much I don’t want it to pop. Intrusions of stressors from the real world are avoided as much as possible. I truly am taking a break from my life.

This doesn’t mean that it is always easy. I miss cuddling. I miss the love of my housemates and being held. I posted on the class Facebook that I wasn’t getting enough hugs. The response was great! I now instigated a hugging revolution 😀

The format of this program promotes instabonding and it has happened. As soon as I arrived I found my people. It is a wonderful and fantastic part of the smith time warp. I truly feel that I have found more people here who think the same way as me than I ever had before. Granted that is not shocking given the circumstance, but it reinforces my believe that I am making friends who are true, not just conveniently placed.

I apologize to those outside the bubble if contact is sporadic, reception on campus sucks and sometimes it is easier to embrace my life-cation when I avoid dealing with issues intruding from the outside.

This doesn’t mean don’t reach out. I need you all and miss you all as much as one possibly can without exploding. call me. Offer me support and love (care packages are especially welcomed). Just don’t be offended if I don’t pick up. I am probably in a basement somewhere analyzing the use of freudian structural theory and how it applies in a psychodynamic family therapy session while simultaneously trying to solve the worlds problems by using social welfare policy to influence group dynamics.

And if anyone on this coast want to drive up and take me out to dinner, just say the word. Everyone has got to eat, right?


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