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I got bit

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Sometime sunday evening I got bit. At least I think I did. I figured it was no big deal, put on some anti-itch cream and went to bed. By 8:30 the next morning my ankle bone had disappeared. by lunchtime everyone was telling me to go the doctor and talking about flesh eating brown recluse bits (thanks SO much Erik). By 3pm when I got to the urgent care center I had a tough time removing my shoe. I was wearing toms.

Diagnosis: Allergic reaction to some sort of allergen. They couldn’t find any evidence of fang marks and I didn’t see what bit me so they can’t say for sure.

Treatment: Large done of time release steroids, Doctor style Benadryl and instructions to call if my foot falls off or something.


And so my streak continues as the ridiculous hospitalized girl.When I told my brother what happened, his reaction: ” Ha. classic Abbie:”I didn’t even last three full weeks. But as Chris pointed out, “It is an accelerated program…”

Warning… Going any lower will expose you to some potentially gross out pictures.



IMG_1615 IMG_1616

The Circle marks where it was at 8:30 that morning


On the upside, It isn’t on my eyelid this time…

Edit: Puncture marks discovered! Self Diagnosis vindicated! Huzzah!


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